Transitions…written by Michael McKnight

Hi Lor…  hope this finds you well.


I have been thinking and wondering about you and your world since you shared with me about your Dad.  We had a very good trip to Asheville.  Nate really seemed to like it and got to meet some of the students he will be starting with in August.  The University did a wonderful job creating a comfortable environment for students and parents alike. Nate stayed one night in a dorm and they organized and implemented some great activities and discussions for the parents.


So… with all the driving I had plenty of time to reflect on all kinds of thoughts and feelings.   For some reason…I love to drive and the way we mapped our way to Asheville follows the mountains all the way down…from West Virginia… Harpers Ferry continuing  into North Carolina….  12 hours… so listening to music, seeing beautiful mountains and watching what comes to mind was fun!


If I were to pick a theme… it would be transitions…. we spoke a little about that as you shared with me concerning your Dad’ s new journey with cancer…. life is certainly filled with these numerous and tangibly felt transitions as you and I get to send our young adult children  on another path shortly….


All of us, our children, parents, our partners and us…all going through various transitions at the same time as we move along with one another and ( into our selves).  Those journey’s…. not matter how emotionally connected we become with others are completed alone….and it seems no matter how intimately or how long we have been or felt “joined” with another or others… we do our transitions alone.  These transitions are small little hero’s journeys… all with a beginning, middle and end.  Life feels to be a continual series of them.


So quickly we move along… as I caught a glimpse of Nate eating in the school cafeteria and flashed back to his birth… the second birth I had the pleasure to witness observing a miracle where words are left out…and then flash… and he is going to kindergarten and flash he is on his way to_____ and then back into my timeline of life as we move through our own transitions… always drifting as we move… and wondering what may pop up along the road next. Yet for me, at least…. the road seems to for the first time have an end in this reality that we know….


A new kind of place, with time that is more finite…. the end although still not concrete feels to be more of a reality.   This fairly new thought does not bother me… it just seems there are not an infinite number of adventures in this space and place left to have…..


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