Butler University college of education

Graduate Certificate in Applied Educational Neuroscience

Dr. Lori Desautels discusses the upcoming Cohort 9 for the Graduate Certificate in Applied Educational Neuroscience. Applied Educational Neuroscience Certificate...

2023 Hybrid Educational Neuroscience Symposium

September 30, 2023! Neuroscience and Trauma Responsive Education and Leadership | Moving Our Educational Systems and Organizations Toward States of Growth and Resiliency

Co Regulation practices from the field

FREE RESOURCE: Co-Regulation Practices from the Field

Co-Regulation: Practices from the Field DOWNLOAD What is this? The following resource is a compilation of strategies created by graduate...

180 DAYS ZOOM MEETING – Last 2023 Session

JOIN US LIVE! Don’t miss our final 2023 Zoom Session to Discuss, Ask Questions & Collaborate with Dr. Lori Desautels...

100 Focused Attention Practices

Download or view 100 Focused Attention Practices. These practices are created to prime and prepare our brains and bodies to hold a state of relaxed alertness. Focused Attention Practices calm and/ or energize the nervous system.

International school in Nairobi Kenya shares Connections over Compliance

An email shared this morning from Kenya! “Dear Dr. Desautels, I stumbled upon your book Connections over Compliance and your...

zoom meetings for 180 days of educational nueroscience

ZOOM SESSIONS for 180 Days of Educational Neuroscience

Join us for LIVE ZOOM SESSIONS with Dr. Lori Desautels Included with your purchase of 180 Days of Educational Neurosciens:...

Cohort 6 focused attention practices

Focused Attention Practices

The following resource includes student led FoAP’s from the spring semester of Butler University’s Applied Educational Neuroscience certification – cohort...


Building the Nest

WHAT IS THIS? The following resource is a compilation of strategies, lessons, and ideas created by graduate students in Butler...


UPDATED: Accommodations Through an ACE’s Lens

Accommodations Through an ACE’s Lens Strengthening Connection & Regulation by Dr. Lori Desautels What do you need? | What can...

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