Thinking Beyond the Boundaries in Education through Social and Emotional Learning: The Marian University School of Education Conference

Thinking Beyond the Boundaries in Education through Social and Emotional Learning: The Marian University School of Education Conference

September 14-15, 2012

Know the facts. Get the tools. Be the difference.
Fact: 3.22 million kids ages 7-17 were treated for depression in the past five years, more than double the number in the previous five years.
Fact: Seventy-Seven percent of students have been bullied verbally, mentally, or physically in school.
Fact: One in five teens have thought about suicide; one in six teens have made plans for suicide.
Fact: One in 12 teens have attempted suicide.

Join keynote speaker Dr. Judy Willis and many more presenters for this one-of-a-kind conference hosted by the Marian University School of Education.

Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed.Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed.
expert on brain learning research

As educators and parents, we must explore ways to assist students in nurturing their sense of self, employing empathy, remembering their innate genius, and instilling optimism as we teach. When students feel safe and optimistic, creative and critical thinking skills develop. Positive emotion is directly and intimately tied to a healthier mind and body.

You will understand the powerful effects of each child’s unique brain and how emotion, experiences, relationships, and academics impact and are integrated for successful teaching and learning to occur.

Every attendee will receive free BrainWare Safari (brain-based and multi-sensory learning) software valued at $150.

You will leave this conference feeling inspired and excited, and take away 10 or more strategies and tools that you can integrate and implement the following Monday morning.

You will leave this conference with five or more communication and relationship-building strategies that will alleviate conflict and promote individual responsibility and participation.

Register At The Early Bird Rate
$69 for those registering on or before August 15, 2012.

Conference registration includes all sessions, Friday evening reception, keynote and Saturday lunch. Scholarships are available upon request. Please contact Lori Desautels with questions ( 317-402-5781 ) or e-mail :  

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Neuroscience of Learning Conference

September 14-15, 2012




Presented By:

Marian University School of Education

 The Teaching and Learning Leadership Academy

 Girls Inc.

 Peace Learning Center




Peg D. Meyer

The Teaching and Learning Leadership Academy

Brian Ware Safari





Dr. Judy Willis

Dr. Kim Schonert Reichl

Dr. Tish Jennings

Annie Dickerson Burnside

Dr. Lori Desautels

Mr.  Tim Nation- Peace Learning Center – Bullying

Michael McKnight- SEL for school leaders and cultures

BrainWare Safari

Pat Wachtel- Girls Inc.- Empowering young women inside our homes, schools and communities


Four Neuroscience of Education Strands will be addressed at this conference.


  1. A.      Creating Emotional Engagement and States of Mind that are optimal for critical and creative thinking skills- enhancing the Executive Function
  2. B.      Invigorating School Culture- environment (physical and emotional), educator, parent and student dispositions, exploring impoverished urban areas.
  3. C.      Tracking our engagement, learning strategies and progress monitoring   
  4. D.      Conscious Parenting and Collaboration with Schools 






Tentative Schedule and Agenda


September 14


4:30- 5:15- Check in

5:15- Introductions- Dr. Lindan Hill

5:30- 6:45 -Keynote- Dr. Judy Willis- The Neuroscience of Learning

Brain Ware Safari- 6: 45- 7:15

7:30-900- Reception – Allison Mansion-meet and greet presenters and participants


Saturday September 15


8:00 am – Check-in

 8:30-10:00- Dr. Judy Willis -Video Game Approach –emotional engagement and choices!

10:00- 10:15- Questions and Discussions


10:30- 11:45 -Dr. Tish Jennings– CARE, Work shared in emotional and social learning, its implications and effectiveness with school, educators, parents and students.

12:15-1:30- Lunch- Indianapolis Museum of Art -12:15-1:30- Dr. Kim Schonert Reichl- Shared research in Mindful Teaching and Learning; coupled with outcomes on student achievement.

(What is on the horizon for emotional and social learning and education?)


1:40-2:40- Annie Burnside and Pat Wachtel -Conscious Parenting and Collaboration with Schools


3:00- 4:00- Break-out Sessions

Tim Nation- Peace Learning Center- Bullying – Deeply Understanding and affecting positive change with the “bullying culture” 

Dr. Lori Desautels- Behavioral Engagement/Service Curriculum / Common Core Standards 

Dr. Kim Schonert Reichl & Dr. Tish  Jennings- Why SEL and why now?  (Schools, homes, and community) 

Annie Burnside- Parenting in today’s world / Aligning with Education 

Michael McKnight- Creating SEL cultures inside our schools and classrooms (geared toward school leaders and educators)

Girls Inc. – Pat Wachtel- empowering young girls and adolescent women


4:00-4:45 Closing Remarks and Questions/ Survey






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