Real Work in the Classroom: Former Grad Student Ashlee Kimmel Shares

One of my former grad students, Ashlee Kimmel shared her work with me from her own classroom.  These students are not only learning about their nervous systems through art, but they are leading AEN morning meetings and so much more! We are bringing the students and Ashlee to the Butler University Educational Neuroscience symposium on February 19, 2022 !!! These are Ashlee’s words!!
“Starting last year, former 5th grade members applied to my mentorship program called Artistic Neuroscience Mentors where they co-lead neuroanatomy lessons at club meetings. We even received a grant through the Avon Education Foundation this month to fund brain and neuron models so students can have hands-on experience with neuroanatomy! Further, our students and mentors will also be leading morning meeting lessons school-wide starting in the spring to teach every classroom regulation tools!”

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