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Brain-based teaching methods

When educators experience the mind of a child as a mystery to understand and unfold, rather than a problem to be solved, teachers, students and parents grow in their knowledge of building on student strengths rather than focusing on problems and learning blocks.

CD/Transcript CoverBrain Compatible Learning is the foundation for acquiring attention, focus and differentiating instruction based on the neuroscience of the brain. When educators understand “how” a student acquires, manipulates and retrieves information, we are able to build on his or her strengths and interests based on the experiences we provide in the classroom.

After participating in Brain-based teaching methods, you will learn strategies and tools to better align student instruction, behavioral plans and individual students’ understanding with regard to raising test scores and closing learning gaps. These improvements will make students feel successful and motivated to succeed.

Presenter Lori Desautels Ph.D. will explain self-reflection techniques, describe memory games for better student recall review examples of actual brain-based assignments. Desautels’ years of Brain Compatible Learning experience will give educators practical tools to employ brain-based teaching methods in their classrooms.

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During the presentation, Brain-based teaching methods, participants will learn:

  • To create a safe and secure in the classroom
  • To identify novelty and emotionally driven content
  • To provide learners with multisensory experiences
  • To link to students’ prior knowledge and a culture
  • To tie enriched learning experiences to state standards
  • To emphasize effects learning
  • To address adolescents’ unique emotional and social needs (hormones, peers, frontal lobe and student’s motto -“never ever embarrass me”

About the Presenter: Lori Desautels, Ph.D.
Ivory ToldsonLori Desautels, Ph.D., is a university supervisor for the Indianapolis Teaching Fellows and Teach for America programs. She is an instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Marian University in Indianapolis.  Before coming to Marian University, Lori taught emotionally handicapped students in the upper elementary grades, worked as a school counselor in Wayne Township, was a private practice counselor through the Indianapolis Counseling Center, and was a behavioral consultant for Methodist Hospital in the adolescent psychiatric unit.

Desautels graduated from Butler University with a BS in Special Education, from Indiana University with an MS in counseling, and earned her Ph.D. from The American Institute of Holistic Theology with an emphasis in early adolescence in thought formation. 

How does an Inside the School online seminar work?
An Inside the School online seminar is delivered entirely over the Internet. No telephone connection is needed. You simply connect to a private link that will be emailed to you and access the seminar online through your computer. The seminar is presented in a special browser window that features a slide show presentation in one panel and sound and playback controls in another panel.

The seminar can be viewed on a single computer screen or be projected onto a larger one for a group setting.

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Yes, I want Brain-based teaching methods now!

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