Conference at Marian University/ Thinking Beyond the Boundaries in Education through Social and Emotional Learning

“Thinking Beyond the Boundaries in Education through Social and Emotional Learning”


Marian University School of Education Conference

September 14-15, 2012


September 14- 5:30-7:00 PM  Keynote Dr. Judy Willis

7:15-9:00 PM- Reception Allison Mansion


September 15- 8:30-4:30

Keynote Speaker:  Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed.

“Reach and Discover”


Please Join Us!


Lori Desautels

Fact: 3.22 million kids ages 7-17 were treated for depression in the past five years. More than double the number in the previous five years.

Fact: 77% of students have been bullied verbally, mentally, or physically in school.

Fact: 1 in 5 teens have thought about suicide.

Fact: 1 in 6 teens have made plans for suicide.

Fact: 1 in 12 teens have attempted suicide

In this time, 22% of the student population between the ages of 8-17 is experiencing chronic stress inside our homes and schools. This is the educational crisis we have on our hands and hearts. Raising test scores, closing achievement gaps and implementing the significant data driving instruction occurs for the long term, when educators address the social and emotional needs of our students and educators!  Public, charter, private or other, as parents and educators we must begin to explore ways to assist students in nurturing their sense of self, employing empathy, remembering their innate genius and instilling optimism as we teach the subject matter. Research reportedly shares, “when students feel safe and optimistic, creative and critical thinking skills develop and purposeful learning coupled with enthusiasm is the by-product. 

Optimism has everything to do with learning because definitive research and our own personal experiences have verified that positive emotion is directly and intimately tied to critical and clear thinking processes, creative problem-solving, broadened perspectives, enhanced  long term memory, and a stronger and improved   immune system; therefore  an overall healthier mind and body.  Long term learning and creative thought processes are tied to the emotions that engineer our every day experiences.  


Join Marian University’s School of Education for an evening and daylong conference discovering the power of emotional engagement inside classrooms and homes preparing educators and parents  with specific learning and behavioral strategies that intimately connect academics and positive emotion, enhancing relationships and building on creating classroom cultures  that emit student and teacher success.


This conference will discuss and equip educators with tangible tools and strategies that promote collaboration and relationship building enhancing and effectively implementing common core standards and assessment.


Please join us on the campus of Marian University September 14 and 15 as we begin to understand and implement the “life” skills that drive academic engagement and foster “well-being” through mindful and reflective teaching and learning practices.


Conference Fee: 40.00 (includes all sessions, Friday evening reception, keynote and Saturday lunch)

Scholarships available upon request  


Conference Participants


Peace Learning Center

Girls Inc.

Dr. Kim Schonert Reichl

Dr. Tish Jennings

Dr. Judy Willis





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