Focused Attention Practices

Cohort 6 focused attention practices

The following resource includes student led FoAP’s from the spring semester of Butler University’s Applied Educational Neuroscience certification – cohort 6.

A focused attention practice (a.k.a FoAP) is a brief activity for anyone with a nervous system! There are two main types of FoAPs:

  • Calming FoAP’s are brief activities involving intentional breathing that calms the brain’s limbic system and enhances executive functioning and
    emotional regulation.
  • Energizing FoAP’s are brief activities involving novelty, rhythm/pattern, and movement designed to create a state of relaxed alertness, priming the brain for learning.

FoAP’s help regulate the nervous system and apply the vagal brake so we can return to homeostasis. Calming FoAP’s quiet the sympathetic nervous system allowing us to reconnect with our bodies and experience a sense of
grounding. While energizing FoAP’s wake up the nervous system in a healthy way so we are ready for somethings new! After each FoAP, participants reflect on how it felt in their bodies, what went well or felt good, and what did not.

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