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Building the Nest


The following resource is a compilation of strategies, lessons, and ideas created by graduate students in Butler University’s Applied Educational Neuroscience Certification, cohort 6.

These brilliant contributions were the product of a multi-week online discussion of the following prompt: Develop a 10 minute morning or afternoon brain-aligned gathering/meeting to create the “nest.” Consider creating or using a pre-existing Focused Attention Practice, video clip, thought-provoking questions, and/or anything that feels relevant to your role and responsibilities. This could be designed for staff, students, clients, family members, etc.

What do we mean by the nest?
The nest is key concept from Dr. Desautels’ Discipline Ladder, published in her book Connections Over Compliance. The following excerpt describes the nest in relation to education:
Set the Temperature and Build the Nest – When a bird constructs a nest, it builds a structure or place for laying eggs and sheltering its young. When we prepare a nest for our students, we are planning, constructing and cultivating an environment that meets the bio-social and emotional needs of our students! Nests are created by many materials that hold it together for strength and endurance.

Note that nests can be found anywhere – at home, in the workplace, community, church, etc. All humans have brains and nervous systems so the idea of creating a safe and connected nest for all to flourish is applicable every where you find a human.

How can you use this resource?
Each page in the following resource is a submission from a cohort 6 graduate student. These are meant to be launching points meaning you can implement these ideas as is or make adjustments based on your context and needs. Each idea is accompanied by the original creator and contextual information such as the intended audience and setting. Strategies are organized by audience (e.g., children and teens, adults) but keep in mind that you can put your own spin on it and make it work for you. Hyperlinks included in
the following pages will take you to additional resources and materials.

Enjoy! – Cohort 6, Dr. Lori Desautels, and Courtney Boyle M.S


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