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Moving Our Nervous Systems and Education System
Toward Post-Traumatic Growth

Lori L. Desautels, Ph.D.

We are so pleased you have chosen Intentional Neuroplasticy for your next reading.  There was so much to share, we couldn’t fit it all in the printed edition, so we have created this page of resources for your use.  Below you will find all the resources and imagery seen in the the book, but downloadable and in COLOR!

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With your purchase of Intentional Neuroplasticity, many charts and diagrams are provided here for your download and use.  You will find the document links below, organized by page number that each item appears in the book.

PAGE 88– Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Nervous System Charts

PAGE 134– STAFF SURVEY for Safety and Connection

PAGE 170 –  Nervous System Tree and Sensory Regulatory Practices

PAGE 245 – STUDENT SURVEY for Safety and Connection

PAGE 256 – The LSCI Conflict Cycle

PAGE 260 – RECAST Template

Relationships, Emotion, Culture, Attention, Sensation, Tasks

PAGE 261 – ACEs Template

Accommodations Through an ACE’s Lens, Strengthening Connection & Regulation. 
What do you need? What can we do to make it better?  How can I help?

PAGE 269 –  Simplified Polyvagal Chart for Children

PAGE 270 – Discipline Ladder

Brain Aligned Classroom Discipline and Leadership.
Educator Nervous System States – Classroom and school procedures, routines, and structures create predictability.


Polyvagal Theory Modules: Elementary and Middle School Ages (page 293)
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