Explore Nueroscience in Education with Dr. Lori Desautels

Brain and Body Brilliance

Coming in 2024!

When we and our children and youth become aware that our nervous systems are working for us and not against us, we begin to feel relieved and empowered with a greater understanding of why we sense and experience the world in the ways we do. – Lori Desautels

When adults become aware of their nervous systems, they can recognize their activators, sense the dysregulation in their bodies and brains and respond accordingly. This allows adults to lean into curiosity when encountering a dysregulated child, empowering them to respond with compassion and connection over control and escalation.

Body and Brain Brilliance, a neuro-educational manual for social and emotional development across all ages, will address the science and the language of our nervous systems with trusted adults. Our nervous systems are continually storing, metabolizing, and conserving energy, and this is why it is so critical to integrate neuroeducation practices into our schools at this time.


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