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Connections Over Compliance: Rewiring Our Perceptions of Discipline

Connections Over Compliance: Rewiring Our Perceptions of Discipline by Lori L Desautels BY: LORI L. DESAUTELS, PH.D.

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The developing brains of our children need to “feel” safe.

Children who carry chronic behavioral challenges are often met with reactive and punitive practices that can potentially reactivate the developing stress response systems.

This book deeply addresses the need for co-regulatory and relational touch point practices, shifting student-focused behavior management protocols to adult regulated brain and body states which are brain aligned, preventive, and relational discipline protocols. This new lens for discipline benefits all students by reaching for sustainable behavioral changes through brain state awareness rather than compliance and obedience.


Connections over Compliance:  E-book

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"Dr. Lori Desautels gives us insight into the possibilities of a new paradigm for operationalizing the effects of adverse childhood experiences."
"By giving language to co-regulated ways of being, Desautels continues to catalyze a new reality in school communities. Her translational fusion of embodied sciences and the art of education practices provides a prescient and essential guide for honoring our shared human journey amid our complex times."
"It is an honor to partner with Dr. Lori Desautels in providing professional development and support for our students. She continues to amaze me with the latest research and practical implementation of strategies that best serve our children."
"This book is truly an essential tool for any teacher or direct care-giver who wants to understand behavior and know how to help children connect, heal, and move into a positive life trajectory."

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