"Lori Desautels shares a new vision for  our education system that looks beyond its four walls and  politics directly into the hearts,  minds, and lives of our children.  She takes education in a transformative direction that addresses the urgency of our education system’s current challenges offering intelligent, wise, skillful models whose cost is our willingness to apply them in order to deliver authentic education to our children and our world."
"Riding the crest of creativity and innovation in education, Dr. Desautels'  How May I Serve You? is a must-read book that combines theory, pedagogy and personal reflection directed toward helping children grow into inquisitive, resilient, collegial, and emotionally sound adults through advancing happiness, optimism and well-being. The author’s contention that all education ought to be an education of mind and heart artfully challenges seasoned and novice teachers alike to rise above the current maelstrom of failed school reform and outdated teaching methods to transform children’s educational experiences by creating positive changes through mindful intelligence and brain-based learning."
Sweet Behavior, LLC shares....

Sweet Behavior, LLC shares.... This week, Sweet wants to highlight the work of one of our favorite Hoosiers: Dr. Lori L. Desautels! We cannot recommend her book Connections Over Compliance highly enough. Dr. Desautels pleads the case in this book of how we need to completely overhaul our thinking about "behavior" from an antiquated system of punishments and rewards to one that focuses on neuroscience instead. Best part about the book? It breaks down complex science stuff for everyone to understand!

"What if students and educators could begin to feel understood and capable when walking through the doors of public, charter and private schools, entering their world of classrooms, with enthusiasm and curiosity?  Lori Desautels imagines and brings to life just that; discussing the powerful impact and philosophy that "service" and "compassionate presence" germinate in this time of educational and global reform and change. Lori clearly defines educational service and models this concept throughout the book in a way that brings to life the courage, authenticity, and simplicity of marrying the rigor of the academic world to the personal narratives, reflections,  and characters that matter most in this time of educating and leading from a strength of heart and the creative intellect of the mind."
Minnietta M. Millard
Educator, M.R.E Boston University School of Theology and Stained Glass Artist

So inspired to talk with Dr. Lori L. Desautels about how she is bringing nervous system education to kids and classrooms.
Kids learn about themselves.
Teachers learn about themselves (and understand behavior better).
She is kids and adults develop the ability to reflect on themselves, their behaviors, the state of their nervous system- all in a non-judgmental compassionate way!!!!
This feels magical and glittery and makes me want to dance!!!

Y’all- people like Lori L. Desautels and everyone else from this education series (HERE this NOW, Greg Santucci, Occupational Therapist, Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN), Jim Sporleder from Paper Tigers ) are making world-wide shift in how we understand, approach, and change behavior POSSIBLE.
Changing how we see people changes people. Imagine if the majority of the kids emerge into adulthood with this curious and compassionate approach to themselves and others?!?!
Dr. Desautels wraps up this series on schools and education. If you’ve missed any, head over to the podcast and start your binge 😉


“There is no more important work than the education of our children.  However, with-in the current story of schooling, many of our children often feel inadequate as learners and far too many emerge from their school experience intellectually, emotionally and spiritually disconnected from their own abundant potential.

In, How May I Serve You? , Dr. Lori Desautels presents a vision for the education of our children that is radically different from the current landscape of educational reform, a landscape that currently is filled with standards, testing and the endless pursuit of rigor.

Dr. Desautels weaves a new story of education!  This new story goes deeper and moves all educators and those that care about children, toward the heart and spirit of the children and youth in our care. Dr. Desautels speaks of teaching as service to those in our care and frames her new vision using a simple, yet powerful  question :

How may I serve you?

The current story of schooling is rooted in scarcity and deficiency, where educators spend enormous amounts of time and energy finding, fixing and remediating the learner’s limitations.  This story is deadening to the souls of our students as well as to the teachers who work with them.  It is time for a new story!

Dr. Desautels story moves the current educational discussion toward the “felt sense” of caring and compassion for the students we as educators serve.  She weaves a narrative that shifts the teacher’s role from transmitter of facts and information toward one that is of service to his or her students.  It is a story rooted in compassion and service.  It is a story that takes one to the heart of what it is to teach.

Dr. Desautels centers  the “felt sense”  of caring relations as the foundation for the activity of teaching and learning.  As we shift the relation of teaching toward serving our students needs, as we engage students in conversations, we learn about who they are, their interests and their talents.  As teachers make this shift they can gain critical information from their students and can better build instruction that leads toward individual progress and toward our students aspirations.

The shift that Dr. Desautels writes about shares a vision of what is possible for the children and youth we serve in schools.  It moves the current debate from standards and testing toward the heart and soul of the students we teach.

To be radical means simply to go to the core- to the deepest and most sustaining part of life.

Dr. Desautels book takes us to that place.  It puts us on a path toward a new story of learning and schooling because it reconnects us to the deepest roots of what it means to be fully human.  It is a generative new story of schooling that if followed will lead us to create schools that serve all our students well.  “

Michael McKnight


“You are such an inspiration to me as an educator, administrator and as a parent. If I knew then what I know now…Also, a true comment from the elementary physical education teacher who is retiring this year. He said: “Tammie, where was she 35 years ago when I needed this the most? I had to wait this long to learn how to do it right”.

You are such an inspiration to me as an educator, administrator and as a parent,

(Tammie Mckenzie,tmckenzie@carrolltiger.org)