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Dr. Desautels is the author of three published books, and a new book coming January 2021.

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We are passionate about sharing our work! Our YouTube channel is full of amazing resources for you. to watch and share.



Lori is a featured contributor of her original work to Edutopia, a trusted source that is shining a spotlight on what works in education.



Interviews and audio resources conducted around the globe

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COVID Teaching and Educator Brain and Body Wellness

Weekly Educator Brain and Body Wellness Practices​

Weekly videos for Teaching during COVID-19 and Educator brain and body wellness practices. RESOURCES>

A PowerPoint Presentation that teachers can use to teach their Elementary students about their own brains.

A PowerPoint discussion about the book Unwritten

A PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. Lori Desautels on Trauma and the Brain 

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  • Jami Riley
    3 years ago

    I really appreciate all of these resources! I was at your presentation at the Indiana TESOL conference in November. You showed a brain reflection chart a teacher friend of yours had made. It had pictures of the brain and students could color which part of their brain was working and how they were feeling. You recommended this instead of a behavior chart that just marked good or bad. I was wondering if you could post/share that brain chart. There are so many students would benefit from this instead of the standard behavior chart.

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