Presentation: Deep Brain Learning

Presentation: Emotional Hygiene

Strategy for classrooms!!

A. Student engagement is about 4 questions!! The brain is designed to feel, be curious, prioritize, and anticipate…to feel successful and capable! Post these in our classrooms with a way to gather perceptual data!!

1. How do I feel?
2. Am I interested?
3. Is this important to me?
4. Can I do this?

B. Strategies the brain responds to when infomraiton and knowledge are needing to be remembered!

1. Reciprocal Teaching
2. Story-telling
3. interactive feedback that is ongoing, filled with questions and detailed!
4. Movement and more movement
Anything visual-images, movies, cartoons, drawings,etc. These invite elaborative rehearsal strategies!

C. Working with Troubled Youth!

WHen Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier… there was much confusion and chaos and doubt, The wild turbulence was causing him difficulty in concentrating. All of his training appeared to be in vain- everything except for his belieff that he should not give up! He had to overcome his state of distress in order to focus on this current challenge! Then it happened… He was flying at March 1.2… this is what we and our students need to understand about life , learning and the teaching process… how do we stay present with our most difficult students? How do they stay present with themselves in challenging relaitonships and and experiences! I will be addressing these strategies and what I have personally learned with regard to reappraisal and active hope!!


A. Stay present- notice all that is going well-focus in the process and know that another’s battle with you most often displaced. Keep a running recodr of what you noticed as a positive…even if you have to dig deep. SHare this record with your student showing the positives consistently!

B. Unpack the luggage—whatever you do not need take out! Teacher shares first… the brain will be intrigues with this novelty… I brought in a grouchy sour dispostiion, the lemon is being unpacked. I also brought in a worried brain… I am taking out the black clothing… too dark! I am also unapcking confusion… this unfinished puzzle I can work on later when I have the time and patience.

C. Forced Success- what can I create to build upon a student’s strengths? Yes, shorter assignments so the feelings of success come more quickly, but forced success is creating an island of competency… how can we tap into the passions and strengths of a student?  Allow the students to co-teach with you in an area of their expertise. Allow students to lead a new ritual or take over a classroom role or responsibility other than a mundane task… one that might include new roles and responsibilities ( kindness keeper, problem-solver, manager of resources, acquring guest speakers for upcoming standards) Have fun with this and look deeply for that student’s strength!